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Interior Painting

We use only the highest quality paint – Dulux, Plascon, Prominent paints or any paint specified by the customer. We take very special care to properly prepare the site before we begin painting. All internal furniture, carpets and valuables are carefully covered using brand new clean drop sheets. All plugs and light fittings are carefully covered or removed before work commences and replaced when painting is complete. We also use appropriate, surface dependant, primers on all walls – before commencing with painting. All areas with small to medium cracks will be opened and appropriate filler will be used to treat the affected areas. Larger Cracks are chipped open or cut with a grinder and are repaired using Sika monotop expanding grout. All exiting expansion joints are filled with Henkel FT 101 POLYURETHANE. All damp areas are cleaned and treated with special dampcure treatment before being primed and painted. In some cases, where damp is very bad – walls are dried using heat equipment. Walls and ceiling colours are as per customer specifications.


We repair wooden surfaces and structures. We treat and varnish all wooden windows, as well as interior doors, garage doors and beam structures. We use only the best varnish and wood fillers on the market. In cases where repair or refurbishment isn't possible we can arrange to have the woodwork replaced.


Our work includes full kitchen and bathroom renovations. All plumbing and electrical work (including certificates of compliance), building walls and/or additional bedrooms. We do plastering, skimming, tiling and all carpentry work. We use only highly skilled and reliable workman who have a proven track record on all projects.

Project Management

We have also done numerous project management contracts for select clients and estate agencies. If you live abroad or are not currently in Cape Town we can offer you our expert assistance. We will manage and oversee any existing contractors work. Our experience will ensure that while you are not there to supervise we will make sure that the quality of work you are paying for is done correctly, especially in specialized areas like waterproofing. Just take a look at our many testimonials on projects we have already successfully managed.

Exterior Painting

We use only the highest quality exterior paint – Dulux, Plascon, Prominent paints or any paint specified by the customer. We use an industrial high pressure hydro washer to remove old and flaking paint if required. Small and medium cracks will be opened and be repaired with an appropriate waterproofing filler. Large cracks will be chipped open or cut with a grinder if required and repaired with Sika monotop expanding grout. We treat all damp areas with a special damp cure application before the areas are primed and painted. We also use external drop sheets to protect paved areas, etc.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer service contracts to various Estate Agencies and Body Corporates. These contracts include repairing and fixing just about anything that can break on a property, or that may be a hassle to outsource expensive repairers. Our maintenance manager can fix just about anything! Call out prices are R250 per hour and the only additional cost is materials required for the repair. This is a cost effective way to sort out your property maintenance issues. Our maintenance department is available Monday – Friday from 9.00 – 18.00.

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